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Whole Body ºCRYO

Whole body ºCRYO dates back to 2500 BC by ancient Greeks and Egyptians for pain relief and and inflammation reduction. Further development by doctors in japan and Poland bring us the latest advancements in ºCRYO. Quicker athletic recovery, increased competitive edge, increased metabolism, decreased sugar cravings, better nights sleep, more energy during the day, increased happiness overall, less cellulite and weight loss are some of the common side effects that we gather from our clients here at french med spa & ºCRYO.

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What is Whole Body ºCRYO?

It is cold therapy of the very best kind. When most people hear, “Cold Therapy”, they think of an ice bath. This is something else entirely. Whole Body ºCRYO is the result of extensive study into cold therapy and the almost unlimited benefits that it can create on the body. Whole Body ºCRYO is a new, powerful technology and we are thrilled to be able to offer it to our clients.

What We Provide

We provide thermal socks, crocs, glove liners as well as gloves or mittens as well as hats if requested by the client.

How Does ºCRYO Work?

A lot of our clients ask us how Whole Body ºCRYO works. The science behind it is very simple but the effects that it has are many in number. Whole Body ºCRYO takes place in a cryosauna, an enclosed room that lowers significantly in temperature. When a person rests in such a room and the temperature is lowered, his or her body naturally constricts in its peripheral tissues. This natural constricting causes blood to get pulled away from the skin surface and muscle tissue and into the core of the body to protect core temperature and internal organs. This is a totally normal and natural reaction to cold outside temperatures, yet it has numerous health benefits and can cause other improvements and positive changes as well.

What are the Results of ºCRYO?

This physiological change in the body is the goal of Whole Body ªCRYO. As the body’s blood travels to the core it passes through the cardiovascular system where it is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. Then, when the person steps out of the cryosauna, the cleansed, enriched, and revitalized blood rushes back to the extremities, muscles, collagen, and skin tissues, enriching such areas with new, fresh blood. This revitalization process helps remove exhaustion and fatigue, enriches skin and collagen, and boosts metabolism. It gives one a fresh, pepped up feel and it acts as a fast and efficient detoxification process too.

This treatment has many benefits for your body in addition to being a healing process. Whole Body ºCRYO speeds up your body’s efficiency, it can help with sleeping patterns, it can speed up the production of collagen, and it is an anti-aging process too. This simple procedure is quite revolutionary, and it has amazing results across the boards. You can call us at 1-630-797-5991 or at 1 (866) TRY-CRYO if you”re interested in learning more about Whole Body ºCRYO or if you would like to get a tour of our cryosauna.

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