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Dr. Karen French, D.C. graduated with a B.S. from DePaul University in 1997 and went on to noted success at National University of Health Sciences, graduating in April, 2002 with a double-Bachelors in Science as well as her Doctorate in Chiropractic.

In private practice since 2002, Dr. French,D.C. has built French Medical Group around the growing needs of today’s patients. Her office is as comfortable as her own home with soft lights, rich bold colors, and soothing music throughout.

Amongst numerous specialties, Dr. French, D.C. is an expert in the area of laser aesthetics. She received extensive training at the IPL and Laser Educational Institute in New York with the original founders of Epifacial, a true non-ablative photo skin rejuvenation technique, and the developers of epilight technology.

Dr. French, D.C. and her staff furthered their training and knowledge with Arizona Cosmetic IPL Laser Safety Training as well as hands-on epilight treatments. Aesthetic treatments include anti-aging skin rejuvenation, hair removal, age spot removal, and spider vein removal.

Dr. French, D.C. wants her patients to love their surroundings when receiving treatment and wants everyone to feel at home. She and her all-female staff understand it is their utmost responsibility to ensure patients are well attended and cared for. The entire staff is dedicated to the betterment of each patient’s health.

The driving force that has allowed us to grow and improve and expand to further help our clients has been our adherence to our feedback. We want to know how you feel about your experiences with us, so please let us know! With our experience in the field and our feedback thus far we’ve focused on our two main, driving incentives for delivering excellent service.

We want you to be confident. Our technologies and our methods are new and cutting edge, so we walk each client through our building and we visually show them how we go about achieving the results that we are so proud of. We want you to be confident that you will get what you want, and we show you our testimonials, galleries, and product demonstrations to achieve just that.

We want you to be comfortable. Skin therapies, laser hair removal, cellulite removal, acne treatments, silhouette shaping, and cold treatments have not always been comfortable. In fact, in the past such procedures have often made people nervous. We not only insist on comfort, but we are a part of a pioneering effort to make these procedures pain free and in fact enjoyable.